Tuesday 14 May 2019

Common Tech Mistakes That Are Limiting Your Business Potentials

Your business has big plans for now and the future. You are betting big on technology to take your business to the next level. Unknown to you, it is this same technology that is hindering and preventing your business from attaining its full potential. The interesting thing here is that some of the most common tech mistakes that businesses make are also the easiest to fix. Here are some tech mistakes that are hindering the growth of your business.

You think you're smarter than robots
More businesses every day are jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, and for good reason. AI can help optimize business operations, sift through huge amounts of customer data, and capture information that can help you make better decisions. The robotic takeover of the manual, repetitive tasks of businesses is inevitable. You can use this development to your advantage, or you can attempt to fight off the robot revolution.

Weak login password(s)
In this era of online security consciousness and hackers looking for ways to steal information, using weak passwords for your login can put your business in great risk especially if you have customer information on your database. There's no excuse for not having a more secure login process. You can use two-factor authentication which requires you to use a password to log in as usual, but goes one step further and forces you to confirm the login via a text message or phone call.

Not recognizing that technology evolves
Technology is highly dynamic. This means that training within a company must continually evolve. If you don't focus on keeping up, your business will be left behind. The only way to stay on the cutting edge of technological evolution is to routinely stay updated. Give yourself and your staff as much training as possible, not only on new technologies but on systems currently in use as well. When you accept that you and your business will be lifelong tech learners, you'll stay one step ahead of the pack.

No reliable backup
You should never assume that your backup system is working properly. At least, once each month you should back up a test directory, erase it, and then do a test restore. This will ensure that your backup device is working, but you also need to make sure that the proper data is being backed up.

Buying cheap tech equipment
I.T. will cost you a lot of money. In fact, depending on the industry you're in, tech could be your biggest investment. Cheap, outdated and otherwise unsuitable tech arrangements can cripple your business and cost business owners way more in time, trouble and overall inefficiency. Instead of looking for the least expensive solution, determine what you're going to need, and then look for the best deals on quality hardware and software.

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