Tuesday 14 May 2019

Exclusive interview with the Face of Local Government Nigeria Amity

So over the weekend I was opportune to a sit down with some new beauty queens in the country. Five beautiful girls who were part of those who contested for The Face of Local Government Nigeria, an online beauty contest which was done last month.
It was indeed a lovely time interacting with these beauty queens, below is one of the interviews I had with the queen who emerged Face of Local Government Nigeria Amity.

AH: Introduce yourself to us

FLGN Amity: My name is Boniface Onyeru Jessica

AH: How did you hear about the Face of Local Government Nigeria?

FLGN Amity: Well I was introduced to it by a friend.

AH: Did it scare you that it was an online pageant?

FLGN Amity: No it didn’t.

AH: Is this your first time participating in a beauty pageant?

FLGN Amity: No,it isn’t.

AH: You were crowned Face of Local Government Nigeria Amity; can you tell us what that means to know?

FLGN Amity: It means a lot to me and I’m happy that I’m actually going to be an inspiration to young girls and I know that my life is changing for the best.
AH: What do you intend to achieve with new fame?

FLGN Amity: I intend to achieve a lot with the fame, go places and be an inspiration to so many.

AH: Tell us what has changed about you since you were crowned Face of Local Government Nigeria Amity?

FLGN Amity: The truth is, I feel special about this and happy that I am one of the Queens of Face of Local Government Nigeria.

AH: Mention three Nigeria local dishes you are dying to try

FLGN Amity: Edikikong, Amala and Ewedu and Banga soup and starch

AH: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

FLGN Amity: I see myself doing a lot of things, being a strong independent woman, inspiring people to be a better version of themselves and yes, being very wealthy (laughs)
AH: Any final word

FLGN Amity: It’s exciting to be the Face of Local Government Nigeria Amity, I know great things are in store for me and I hope that me being bold enough to actually be part of this contest despite a lot of people telling me I’m wasting my time, I do hope young girls who have big dreams are able to pursue or follow their dreams regardless of what society has to say about them.

AH: Thank you very much for your time

FLGN Amity: You’re welcome

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