Tuesday 23 July 2019

#Storytuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode Nine)

We have just two more episode left and trust when we say the story gets more interesting as we approach the end of this lovely series titled I Married A Prostitute. Here is the link to Episode Eight in case you missed it. Read Episode Nine below;
As we got into my car, I picked up my smoke and wanted to light it then I remembered her reaction to it the last time, so I just held the smoke on my hand as we talked. She was very curious as to why I went looking for her, in her words “I have never slept with a customer twice let alone say one go come dey find me, so how your matter be?

I told her how messed up my emotions have been since the day we met, how I couldn’t get her out of my mind, how I have dreamt about her twice, how I went into a relationship just to forget whatever it is I feel for her but still nothing work, I couldn’t get her out of my system. I told her it was in process of looking for her that I found out her name, I said I also wanted to ask for her number but it was going to look weird that was why I did not ask for it. I told how excited I was to see her and asked if she felt the same way, she laughed real hard that for a moment I felt like a fool. After laughing to her satisfaction she then asked me some series of questions, all in one sentence, “why were you looking for me, what do you want from me and please what do you feel for me?

I was literally speechless for about five minutes; I couldn’t say anything, I was just staring into her eyes till she opened the car door and said “unless you are willing to pay another 100k for another blow job, then I guess our business here is done”. Meanwhile my cousin had been calling me but I kept ignoring the call so as she opened the door and got down my cousin and Chioma came out and they saw me holding her hands preventing her from walking away. “na here you dey way we dey worry maybe them done kidnap you”. I smiled as I tried to introduced him to Caroline again, “haba I remember her na, how you dey na, don’t tell me you going ooo, cause the party is just about to start” he said. I smiled at Caroline who felt very reluctant following us back inside but as I whispered “I have another 100k” she changed her countenance, she puts on a smile and followed us back inside.

The night ended the same way I had dreamt about it, it was like a Déjà vu just that this time around my cousin and Chioma were part of it but aside that, everything else happened the exact same way it happened in the dream I had. We got inside the club ordered for more drinks, I got drunk for the very first time, and she drove me home and put me in the shower. After the shower, way my eyes don clear small, I thanked her for everything she did, told her not to worry that I have 100k at home so this won’t be an issue like the last time, then I asked for her permission if I could smoke, she said okay. 

After I lit the smoke I asked her if I didn’t say or do anything weird while I was drunk, from the way she was smiling I knew I had messed up instead she said “you didn’t say anything that a drunk person won’t say”. Whether she was saying the truth or just being modest, I just decided not to press forward instead I try to make up small talks and do catch up, asked what she has been up to and since she has quit working at that place. Instead of her replying, she asked why do I always like to ask her questions, why do I always want to know about her, she said “you be the only customer way I don meet way go dey ask me irrelevant question, no be say I dey insult you but most of my client are about the business no small talks whatsoever unless we are negotiating price, so really what’s up with you?”

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