Tuesday 18 February 2020

#StoryTuesday: Memories (Episode Five)

We started another story series titled Memories, here is the link to the Fourth Episode in case you missed it. Read the third episode below;

Stuff got weird that night, at least for her, to him there was really nothing new in what he did to her, he had always had a good sexual experience, so using his tongue to tickle her privates, wasn't weird to him.

To her; it was everything, she had never experienced such pleasure in her life, the way he placed his head in between her legs, using his tongue to stimulate her, was something magical to her. She felt really good, in fact, according to her “I feel on top of the world, please don’t stop” she said as she was biting her tongue and curling her legs around his neck.

He was in the middle of this thought when she woke up slowly and immediately he noticed her move, he snaps out of the thought and moved closer to her. She screams as she opened her eyes and saw him. He was all confused as he tried to calm her down. “Baby it’s me, Anthony, its okay,” he said to her trying to calm her down but like someone that is seeing a ghost she kept on screaming till the nurses rushed into the room.

They told him to leave the room so they could calm her down but from his expression, they could tell he wasn’t going to leave the room, so one of the nurses stylishly took him outside under the pretense that she needed to tell him something important about her health. He was very reluctant to go with the nurse but he had to. After they had left the room the nurses were able to calm her down, though immediately the nurses came in her noise had reduced but she was still very confused and very scared. 

While he was outside the room his focus was on her, as he continued to stare at her from the door which was afar. He barely paid any attention to what the nurse was telling him. He was staring at her and he couldn’t help but wonder what would have made her scream like that, what bothered him the most was what she said while she was screaming; he couldn’t make any sense of it. Immediately he noticed the nurses had gotten her to calm down, he tried going back into the room but the other two nurses inside the room blocked his way, telling how best it is to leave her alone in the room.

He tried to put up an argument but the nurses were very adamant so he had no option than to leave the room especially when he heard that staying in the room with her at the moment could make her condition worse, he just had to leave, making her condition worst was the last thing he wanted.

He was taken to the reception to wait there till daybreak, at this point he couldn’t sleep again, and he kept on thinking about her, what could have made her scream when she saw him? Why did she even scream out those words? Was she having a bad dream or is that like a normal reaction from people who just woke up from a coma? Too many questions running through his mind and at the same time he was happy to know that she is awake. 

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