Tuesday 25 February 2020

#StoryTuesday: Memories (Episode Six)

We started another story series titled Memories, here is the link to the Fifth Episode in case you missed it. Read the third episode below;

His mouth was wide opened as he couldn’t believe what the doctor was telling him, of course, he has heard of people having memory loss though he never believed it. She having memory loss due to the complication of the accident wasn’t what really made him confused as crazy, it was the fact that the only thing she couldn’t remember according to the doctor were things that had to do with him.

She remembered her parent, her sisters, her colleagues at work, she even remembered the name of her primary school teacher, but she couldn’t remember anything about him, the love of her life, the person she got married to. He couldn’t just wrap his head around it; he just kept looking at the doctor with an open mouth.

The doctor had performed some memory test on her after he heard about the incidence that occurred during the night. The memory test wasn’t even like the normal memory test were pictures of things or loved ones are shown to people who might have suffered a memory loss, it was more of the doctor asking her some few random questions. The reason why the doctor decided to ask her questions instead of showing her images to her boost her memories was because after the doctor and his nurses had finish their normal check up on her, the first question she asked was “where is my mum?”.

The doctor saw this as a good sign, which shows she wasn’t suffering from a permanent memory loss. After the question and answer session with the doctor, he was certain that she had only suffered a partial memory loss and he was confident that with help she can still remember does lost memories. 

We just have to give her time, if we rush her, it might trigger some other trauma like the episode you witnessed overnight” the doctor said to Anthony, who still couldn’t believe what the doctor had just said.

The doctor allowed her mum and her sister to go see her first and after a while, he told one of the nurses with them in the room to get Anthony. Before the nurse went to get Anthony, The doctor told her that someone was coming in to see her, that she shouldn’t be scared, they just need to know if he’s someone he has seen before or not. She gave a slight nod signifying, “okay no problem”.

As Anthony and the nurse walked into the room, her reaction was a bit calm compared to the night before, she didn’t scream but you could definitely tell she was very much confused. Anthony walked into the room with a smile on his face, hoping that his one in a million smile like she used to say will jog her memory but nope, her expression was like that of someone who was staring at a stranger.

The doctor was the first to speak when Anthony came in, he asked her if she could recognise the person standing in front of her and she said “yes”. Anthony saw this as a positive sign as his smile increases but his heart was broken when she said “yesterday night in my room, he was the one that made me scream” after the doctor asked her where she recognised him from.

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