Tuesday 11 February 2020

#StoryTuesday: Memories (Episode Three)

We started another story series titled Memories, here is the link to the Second Episode in case you missed it. Read the third episode below;

He walked into the bank after standing at the ATM for 30 minutes only for the ATM to stop dispensing when it got to his turn. He needed the cash and the next ATM is far, so he decided to go into the bank to withdraw.
He isn’t the bank person and this is going to be the first time he would be physically present in a banking hall in years, most of his transactions are done online. Getting into the bank, he saw this long queue but he has no option than to join the queue which was one of the reasons he hated the banking hall but the major reason why he doesn’t like being in a bank was because some years ago, he was robbed while in the bank. Not like he was the only one that was robbed, it was a bank robbery and he was in the bank at the moment, aside from the robbers stealing cash from the bank, they took phones and other valuables from those in the bank and in that process they killed two guards and a customer. So due to this, he vowed not to go into a bank anymore but on this very day he didn't have an option, he needed the cash to sort out some important stuff.

He put his fear aside and joined the queue with the hope that the line will move fast and he will be out of the bank in no time. The line was moving quickly and now there were about 5 people ahead of him, and then came this lady; the lady joined the queue standing in his front. He wasn't surprised though, a lot of people do it when they go into a bank, they see a long queue and they cut corners by joining the line in the middle claiming "I was here before”. At times this is true, some people don’t have the strength to line up, so they just sit somewhere and watch the line as it moves.

So when this lady joined the queue, he simply thought the lady was part of the “I was here before" people, so he didn't say a word to her, he just allowed her to join the queue. A few seconds after the lady joined the queues she turned back to him and said: “I know you wondering if I was here before or I just came to join the queue”. He didn’t say a word he just gave a hand gesture to say it doesn’t matter, the lady continues to talk, apologising for joining the line the way she did, also thanking him for being a gentleman and not making a big deal out of it.

Finally, it was his turn, he smiles at the teller as he gives him his withdrawal slip, and he said “thank you” as the teller gave him his cash and without wasting any time, he left the bank. While walking away from the bank premises, a car horn at him, at first he thought maybe he was in the way of the car so he moved to the side so the car could pass only for the car to stop right in front of him. His first thought was he was about to be robbed again but he was surprised when the person in the car turned out to be the lady from the bank.

She asked where he was headed and offered to give him a ride and that was the first time he noticed how beautiful and sexy her body was. This was also the first time he discovered how adamant his wife could be, as she insisted on giving him a ride as a token of her appreciation for allowing her to jump the line.

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