Tuesday 4 February 2020

#StoryTuesday: Memories (Episode Two)

Last week Tuesday, we started another story series titled Memories, here is the link to the First Episode in case you missed it. Read the second episode below;

Like someone that was being chased, he ran into the hospital, dashing past the nurses at the reception as he was heading straight to her room. Two of the nurses at the reception ran after him as they didn’t understand what was going on. They caught up with him in front of an empty room, standing there looking at the empty room, he was lost in thoughts that he didn’t hear the nurse telling him that she had been moved to another room.

His thought was; she had been discharged, if that was the case then he knew his apologies just got harder, he felt bad enough that he wasn’t there when she woke up but he didn’t even make it to the hospital to on time so that he could take her home. He was in the middle of the thought of; what if she was dead and her body was already moved out when he felt a big tap on his back. His mind became conscious of his environment and that was when he saw the nurses.

He was about to tell them his name and what he was doing there when one of the nurses told him that he could remember him from his last visit which was two days ago. Since he was discharged from the hospital he has been visiting her at the hospital at two days intervals. There are nights where he slept over at the hospital, which is why he became a familiar face amongst some of the nurses. He couldn’t recollect the face of this particular nurse because she was new at the hospital, she started her shifts two nights ago, he was first asleep on the chair in the room, so he didn’t notice her when she came in to check on his wife.

The nurses took him to the new room where she had been moved too and on the getting there, he met her mother and sister-in-law plus two other doctors who were whispering to themselves. He greeted and apologised to them for being late as he explained to them how crazy the traffic was. The doctors brought him up to speed on her recovery, they told him she had been out of coma but she is fast asleep now and they need to allow her rest. 

As they were giving him her health status, he was just steering at her, thinking of the exact words he will say to her the moment she wakes up. When he snapped out of his thoughts, he informed the doctors that he wasn't going to leave the room until she is awake; he made it clear he wants to be there when she wakes up. They were not going to object to it but he just needed to say it out loud. He had a quick conversation with her mother and sister-in-law before they eventually took their leave too. They had an agreement that; days he'll be staying at the hospital with her, her mum and her sister won't have to be there and on days they sleep at the hospital with her, he won’t have to.

As he sat there on the chair watching her sleep, he had so many thoughts running through his mind, thinking about all the memories they had shared and all the memories he still wants to share with her, his first set of thought was how they met.

Next episode next Tuesday

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