Tuesday 3 March 2020

#StoryTuesday: Memories (Episode Seven)

We started another story series titled Memories, here is the link to the Sixth Episode in case you missed it. Read the third episode below;

Base on the doctor's advice, he went home to get some pictures and other things that might help jog her memory. He was really sad and confused, he couldn’t believe she had no memories of him at all, to her it’s like their 5 years relationship never existed, “how is that even possible?” he questioned himself as he went home to get the pictures
On getting home, he went straight to his wardrobe, brought out a camera, he took out the memory card, inserted it into a card reader before inserting it into his laptop. The memory card contained three folders with the names; Best Moments, Fooling Around, For the Kids. He stares at those folders for a minute before clicking on the folder with For the Kids folder.

Inside this folder they were about 10 video clips, with different names, he clicked on the one that says “Pregnancy Reaction” and as he began to watch the video clip, a teardrop rolled down his eyes as he remembered what led to the recording.

They had just finish having sex and as they lay down next to each other fully naked she said “this one we haven’t used condoms for days and I’m off my pills, I hope you are not planning on getting me pregnant”. “What if I get you pregnant” he replied. And then she went on to tell him how she wasn’t ready to be a mother, then she gets up from the bed, still naked and said: “show me your reaction, if I tell you I’m pregnant”.

He was getting up when she said, “let me get the camera, we should record this, create some pre-pregnancy memories”. While she gets the camera, he got up to tie his robe before they started the recording. At the end of the clip his eyes were filled with tears, he closed the system, laid on the bed and slept off.

Three hours later he was back at the hospital but he first went to the doctor’s office, he showed the doctor some of the things he brought, asking the doctor which of them he should show her first. The doctor had advised that rushing her with too many memories could cause a nervous breakdown, to prevent such, it’s better to start with smaller memories, like how they met, their first kiss and stuff like that.

With that, he knew the folder he had to show her first was the Fooling Around folder which had some of the pictures, they took when they first met before they even started dating when they were still friends. He’s not the picture kind of person but she is a photo freak and that’s because she’s into photography. “Life is all about memories, capturing those moments are what makes it worth living” she would say every time he questioned her about why she likes taking pictures in the weirdest place.

There is a picture in the folder that he took of her shitting in a public toilet, they went on a date that particular day and she needed to pee so she went to the toilet. On getting there it turns out she wasn’t doing number one she was doing number two, while she was dropping some poo, she called him on phone saying “bae please bring my bag, I think my period came early”. Being a perfect gentleman he took her bag to her only to get there and find out that she only wanted him to snap her shitting. 

Next episode next week

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