Tuesday 16 June 2020

#StoryTuesday: Memories (Final Episode)

Today we end this interesting story series we started some weeks back.
It’s been three years since her accident and today she is taking another step, a step she once took but doesn’t have any memories of it. Two months after she and Anthony had to stop seeing each other, she fell in love with someone else and after three years of being in a relationship with him, she is getting married to him.

She met her soon to be husband inside the banking hall; she was on the queue waiting for her turn when this tall and handsome looking guy whispered something in her hears. She turned around and gave him a very weird look saying “you don’t talk to a lady like that, not even a lady you don’t know” and the guy goes “don’t blame me, I’m a Marlian, I have no manners

She couldn’t hold her laughter, she laughed really hard that people in the bank started looking at her and some were laughing at her for the way she was laughing. If there is one thing she likes most about guys, it’s their sense of humour, she likes guys are her funny and know how to make her laugh, and immediately she heard him saying don’t blame me, I’m a Marlian, I have no manners” she knew this was a funny guy because it was at that point what he whispered in her hears made sense which made it  funnier than rude as she had initially thought it.

From that moment onward they became friends and from friends they became lovers and from lovers they are about to spend the rest of their life’s together as husband and wife. So there they are on at the alter looking into each other as they are about to take the final step to make them Mr and Mrs officially. You could tell she was happy, her mum and sister were happy too, they were happy she was able to find love again though her sister was very sceptical about the relationship at first as she was still hoping that she would remember Anthony.

They had finish reading their vows and it was the pastor's turn to officially join them together, the pastor asked the groom “Do you, Maxwell Emmanuel take Rebecca James as you newly wedded wife, in peace and harmony, for richer for richest, in wealth and in health?”, the groom answered and said yes with a big smile on his face. The pastor then again faced her and asked her same the question “Do Rebecca James you take Maxwell Emmanuel as you newly wedded husband, in peace and harmony, for richer for richest, in wealth and in health?”. 

The groom had this big smile on his face as he was expecting a yes, everybody was expecting a yes, even she was going to say yes, but as she opened her mouth the words couldn’t come out, right there in that moment, she had a flashback of her wedding with Anthony, everything she had forgotten about him rushed back to her in the space of 30 seconds and when she finally spoke she said, “I remember……”. Everyone was confused, the pastor quickly whispered to her, “You’re meant to say; yes I do”.

She repeated her words again this time in full, “I remember, I remember everything about Anthony”, she turned to her mother and sister “Anthony is my husband, he is the love of my life, I remember, I do

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