Monday 15 June 2020

Exclusive interview with fast rising gospel artiste Wisdom God's

During the week we had a chitchat with fast-rising gospel artist Wisdom God's, and trust it was a fun encounter with the talented artist, who would be putting out a new single on the 26th of June.

Here is the transcript of some of the things we talked about

AHM: Can you tell us about yourself?

Wisdom God's: My name is Wisdom Ebube A.K.A Wisdom God's, I'm a writer and singer, born on the 6th of May, last child of the family with five siblings. I grew up in Ajegunle though I currently reside in Satellite Town, Lagos.

AHM: Tell us what if felt like growing up in Ajegunle

Wisdom God's: I'd honestly say I wouldn't replace it even with the "best" places that could be thought of. It was enabling! I found strength in being "different" being different from the general public made me feel grateful than deserving. Ajegunle is most known for the violence, financially challenged people, etc. but I say Ajegunle has got talents and everyone rightly trained there comes up super intelligent and comely.

AHM: What inspired your stage name?

Wisdom God's: Wisdom God's is basic information more than it is a name. I had meditated on a lot of experiences and time and again seen how intentional God was. Right at that point, I got the name, God's. It actually is literal. I'm God's, owned by God.

AHM: At what age would you say you got attracted to music and why?

Wisdom God's: My family would say since I was very young (laughs) but somehow, I got interested in 2012. For the first time, I got involved in a choir and I honestly found out I wasn't terrible. From then, it became a hobby I loved growing until tomorrow.

AHM: Tell us about your first studio experience

Wisdom God's: It was nice. I had been there very often but just to observe so, on my first record, I wasn't a novice. It was quite smooth. I lost the file years ago but, it was an experience I needed to get to the point I am now.

AHM: What inspires your music?

Wisdom God's: The Holy Spirit helps me take advantage of moments. I could meditate on certain qualities of God and get there -composing. I get on the keyboard too and find worship too attractive.

AHM: What do you do when the inspiration doesn’t come?

Wisdom God's: Up until now, I'm yet to experience an actual lack of inspiration when I make the attempt.

AHM: So it's safe to say you're always inspired?

Wisdom God's: Yes. Maybe not the particular topic called for but I could always compose, there are topics that get difficult, like there was this one time I got contacted to write an anthem for a school and it got really difficult at some point but I let it be for a while, get totally busy with something else and sometime later, it came to mind and came easy

AHM: Being a gospel artiste, I’m guessing you don’t have to worry about your song not cutting across

Wisdom God's: Funnily enough, I care about it I believe the content of my music is needful for just about as many as possible.

AHM: Sure you must have listened to some gospel artistes growing up, who would you say influenced your music?

Wisdom God's: Basically, like I said, I didn't practice nor gave much attention to music until 2012 but up until 2017, I had not written any gospel song. The major sounds I listened to at about that time I started writing gospel songs were from Travis Greene, Mali Music and Hillsongs.

AHM: That said, is it safe to assume that you always put this in mind whenever you want to record?

Wisdom God's: Not always. There are certain songs I make with actual intention to reach more persons than some others. Like I said, moments reviewed by the help of the Holy Spirit gets me my songs mostly. So, sometimes, we could end up with some sounds very abstract.

AHM: Can you tell us what your creative process looks like, do you write before you hear the beat or you need a beat first then flow on it?

Wisdom God's: Either is very frequent. For me, it's about communicating than singing. I just happen to be blessed with the music skill so, there's always something to say. I just make it musical.

AHM: We see a lot of Nigerian artistes who started from the church but end up being a secular artiste, is that something we should be expecting from you?

Wisdom God's: No, It's not.

AHM: Are you working on any new song at the moment?

Wisdom God's: A lot is ready. As few as they are though, I lost count already.

AHM: So which single should we be expecting first and is there a release date?

Wisdom God's: We have S'Ope that's going to be officially out on the 26th of this month.

AHM: What can you tell us about the song?

Wisdom God's: It's a song of gratitude. The level of mind and personality transformation I attained from the gospel has been immense. One of them is the peace that can't be explained that comes from accurate knowledge of the gospel. The word of God is the life of every believer and basically, everyone's grateful for life.

AHM: Which gospel artist would you be looking forward to working with?

Wisdom God's: Travis Greene all the way!

AHM: Since you are doing religious music, I'm sure your parents will be very supportive of your career

Wisdom God's: As much as they think is needful, they give. Their support is largely a part of the successes I've hit on this road.

AHM: So aside from music, what other hobby do you have or should I say what would you be doing if not music?

Wisdom God's: I find it easy communicating ideas about life. Very easily, I can make you see what I see. So I'd just say I'd be a public speaker.

AHM: What makes Wisdom God's music different from other Nigerian gospel songs?

Wisdom God's: It's intentionally comprehensive for the youths. Youths need relatable sounds and with excellence and it's one of Wisdom God's focus.

AHM: Any final word to your fans  

Wisdom God's: Jesus Reigns! Forever!!


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