Wednesday 12 May 2021

3 Instagram Growth Strategies Your Brand Needs in 2021

It’s no surprise at this point that social media algorithms are constantly changing. With all of the social channels that are competing with each other, one that remains at the helm of photo and video is Instagram. This app has come a long way from photos to videos to animations, and we really wanted to break down for you the three 2021 Instagram growth strategies your brand needs to grow. 

Video is heavily used in marketing, not only for businesses but for personal brand. People want to see you talking, they want to know more about your day, and want you to actually be social.. I mean, yes it’s possible that you could have one go viral and get some initial traction from it, but it’s highly unlikely that this one post alone will keep your community engaged and interested. Constantly interacting with your audience is a great way for them to get used to seeing your face and start expecting more personal content from you. The more you give, the more you get back - in your following, leads, fans, and sales!


One main way to get your account noticed is to constantly learn the new algorithms and apply them. Instagram is constantly rolling out new ways to interact with followers. The latest feature they are offering is Reels, so they are currently prioritizing Reels videos in their algorithm. If you jump on these new trends early, you are more likely to go viral.


New brands are constantly emerging, especially in the e-commerce space, but some of those that are able to gain a quick following and get feedback for their services are those that participate in early giveaways but make sure it’s a product giveaway not cash. Product giveaways can make your audience see how good your products or services are.


One giveaway strategy is telling your audience to tag their friends to follow you to win. Giveaways can constantly boost sales if dome right. To take it a step further, you can ask applicants to repost on their own stories as part of the entry into the giveaway. Either way, this will get a lot of eyes on your site and increase interest, which is a crucial marketing strategy - brand awareness!

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Ultimately, Instagram is constantly changing and so the strategies that you need in order to grow on Instagram change with it. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to try and test strategies that work for you as no brand will work with the same strategy. Just remember that consistency and application over time are the most important factors in growing the Instagram of your dreams.

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