Tuesday, 14 December 2021

#StorySeries: One Night in Ikorodu (The End)

This is a story inspired by a true-life event, names have been changed to protect and respect those involved.

As I stood up to follow her to her room, she noticed I didn’t carry my bag which had my laptop. She said “won’t you carry your bag?”, I turned back to look at the bag which was placed on the centre table and I said, “do we really need that?”. She giggled and said “isn’t that where your laptop is? And I was like “oh, my laptop”, I went back to pick up the bag and I followed her to the room, she led me into the room and then went back to the sitting room as I overheard her telling her siblings “let me know when mummy is back”.

As she walked back into the room, I was taking another sip of the tea, she sat on the bed beside me and was like “so what’s up?, bring out your laptop let’s start now” and for like 40 seconds I was just staring at her without saying a word. She tapped me and said “why are you now looking at me like that?, shey you won’t teach me again ni?” and this was when I poured out my heart to her.

Why I no go look like that,” I said, “just imagine the kind suffer wey you carry me suffer today, I was supposed to leave here by 5 but this is almost 6, when would I leave here?, when would I get home?” 

I added with some anger in my tone. She moved closer to me, placed one hand on my shoulder and said “I’m so sorry, I know you are angry with me…….” I cut her short by saying “angry is an understatement, I’m furiously mad at you”. She laughed and said “which one is furiously mad? And I still tried to maintain my anger by saying “oh you think this is funny?, in fact, I dey go my house”. I stood up from the bed as I said this, carried my bag but she stood in my way and said, “I said I’m sorry na, why are you now acting like this? I’m sorry honestly I’m sorry, I promise I would make it up to you”. Still retaining my angry tone I said “abeg no need, I can’t even teach you anything self, see time na, when we go start when we go finish?”

I try to move aside, she moved with me blocking my way again, this time she moved really close to me, so close that a fly could be trapped in between our noses; she put her hands around my neck and said “don’t worry I would make it worth your while” and I was like “there is nothing you would do that would make all the rain that has beaten me today worth it”. As I was about to push her aside, she kissed me and for a few seconds, say about 15 seconds I didn’t know how to react but after like 20 seconds of her kissing me, I pulled away and said “sorry but that’s not going to work”, she moved closer and said, “are you sure?" and I said “YES”

Now what she did next was something I didn’t see coming at all, she pushed me on the bed and I’m not talking about that sexy push that you see in American movies, I’m talking of that kind of push wey be say if my head it floor, I would definitely bleed, yeah, that’s how hard she pushed me. I was about to say “hey babe calm down, he never reaches that level” when she took off her kaftan and expose her b**bs to me.

“Sweet baby Jesus” were the three words I said as I stared at her full naked b**bs and I had to swallow spit when I took my eyes a bit forward down and I realize she wasn’t putting on anything. I could see her clean shaved 'Vee' and before I could say anything she jumped on me and said “I’m sure this is worth more than the rain”.

Now I know what you all are expecting but trust me what happened next isn’t what I also expected.

She bent her head close to me and started kissing me and I won’t even lie, this time I didn’t even think twice, I kissed her back, our lips were locked together and as I could feel her soft b**bs on my chest, “Ikechukwu” was already getting hard down there, Ikechukwu is what I call my p*nis.

At this point my imagination wasn’t running wild, it was about to get down, I was going to have s*x with her, I won’t even lie, this was something I have always imagined and here I was, in her bed, our mouth locked together in what seems like a never-ending kiss, her boobs on her chest, Ikechukwu feeling the texture of her shave 'Vee' through the texture of my jean.

But then the unexpected happened, as she stopped kissing me and wanted to take my cloth off, I stopped her, I put her in a sitting position, I held both of her hands and I said: “I’m sorry, I can’t do this”. She smile and said “what do you mean you can’t do this?”

I gently explained to her how I feel this was totally wrong, though not before making her understand that this isn’t me turning her down but this is me not trying to take advantage of her, I said “imagine say na you come my house for the first time, then I put you for my room, begin kiss you, then throw you for bed like that, tell me the honest truth that you won’t tell me to stop or you won’t be thinking if the s*x was the reason why I asked you to come and not for whatever reason I gave”

At this point she was speechless as her head was facing down; I guess she was feeling ashamed. Again, I told her that my whole body wants to have s*x with her but not just under this circumstance, then she asked “so under what circumstance?

“Under the circumstance where we both are in the know that we want to have s*x with each other, under the circumstance where you don’t have to use s*x as an apology because say rain beat me, yes I’m angry about that but that isn’t your fault, no be you dey control rain. Truth be told, I like you so much, make I no even lie, I love you, and I want to have s*x with you under the circumstance that you are my girlfriend and my lover and not just because I was fortunate to come to your house and your mummy ain’t  home so seize the opportunity” 

She redrew her from me, placed a kiss on my cheek and said thank you. She then got down put on her cloth and said “I hope you can still teach me graphic design under this circumstance”. I nodded my head in a positive manner, I stood up, brought out my laptop and for the next three hours I thought her everything she needed to know about graphic design.

We gist and watched a movie till about 1 in the night before we both fell asleep in a cuddling position. 

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