Monday 13 December 2021

#StorySeries: One Night in Ikorodu (Episode Eight)

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This is a story inspired by a true-life event, names have been changed to protect and respect those involved.

So while I was there waiting, the guy was puffing his sm*ke and I didn’t even know what got into me, maybe it was the anger or the cold either way I hailed the guy and said “how far?, shey I fit take one drag?”. He looked at me and said “nothing do you my brother” as he passed me the bl*nt.

I took about three drags and returned to him but he was like “no worry, you use that one hold body, I roll another one". Well I said thanks and kept dragging the smoke. I was on my last drag when my phone rang and it was Miracle that called, she was like she’s on her way. To be honest, at that point I didn’t even care anymore, whether she comes or not once I finish taking that bl*nt, I was heading out of Ikorodu so when she called and sounded all sorry and all, I was just like “okay”.

Anyway let’s fast-forward, to when she came to meet me, now I don’t know if it was the w**d, on second thought it has to be the w**d, because I swear she was looking way too sexy for someone that is coming from church and this is why I said it was the w**d because I asked: “you sure say na church you dey come from? because this your dress ehn”. She just laughed it off and said “na you sabi, give me a hug and receive some blessings

And I did receive some blessings because I made sure I hugged her tight that I could feel her b**bs well enough and now this had nothing to do with the w**d this was just me, I like b**bs and she has them.

Anyway, she apologized for being late and gave one excuse about how she was caught up in a church meeting and the rain and in my usual self, I was like “okay, no wahala, I understand” even though I totally didn’t understand but hey, what’s important is that she was here, so let’s move.

Apparently, we were supposed to board a cab that would take us to her place but due to the rain, the cab wasn’t working, though, at this point, the rain had stopped. So we had to take a bike, we took the bike and we headed to her place and as we proceed, the rain started again and for the next 1 hour which was the entire length of the trip to her house the rain dealt with us real bad.

At this point, I was really scared that my laptop don spoil, because my bag was wet and I thought it would have gotten into the bag. Now I know you might be wondering why we didn't just stop and take cover somewhere but the truth was we couldn’t, the road we took, we literally couldn’t stop, and we just had to keep going.

We finally got to her house around 5PM, which according to my plan, was when I was supposed to leave Ikorodu but there I was all drenched from head to toe, I was really pissed off to the point that I begin blaming myself, na me carry myself come Ikorodu na”.

When we got to her house, she offered me a towel to dry my body as she went into the kitchen to make tea. On a norm, I’m not a big fan of tea but with how much cold I have exposed myself to that day, I no get choice than to take am. I was seated on a plastic chair in their sitting room, her siblings; two girls were also there, and they were watching one Yoruba movie like that. After like 20 mins Miracle came back into the sitting room and said “oya come let’s go” and in my head, I was like go where?.

When she came out, she had taken off the cloth she had worn to church; she was now putting on one blue kaftan and the way she did her hand it was like she was pointing towards the door which was why I said “omo see if I walk out that door, na house I dey go straight”. She just laughed and said “I mean let’s go to the room” and all I could say was “oh”

Trust me, the moment she said “let go to the room” and I said “oh”, my brain began to go to all sorts of places; my imagination began to run wild. “Let’s go to her room ke? Wetin we wan go do for her room? Abi today go be my lucky day ni? No na, we can’t have sex in her room, what if her parent comes back?” these were some of the thoughts that were running through my mind.

Like a robot being controlled, I stood up jejely and I followed her to the room. 

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