Thursday 4 June 2015

Amazing Reasons To Love Someone From A Different Cultural Background

See reasons why its amazing to be in love or get married to someone from a different cultural background

1. You enjoy different treats
If you are in a relationship with someone from a different background, you have the opportunity to enjoy different treats other than you are used to.
2. You learn more about your loved ones taste in entertainment
It is interesting to discover your mate through what they listen to, books they read and movies they watch. Entertainment could be different to yours but it could tell you more about your loved one’s choice of entertainment.
3. You have cause to travel to a new location
Get ready to book that flight ticket and get unraveled in the adventure of your life! This may happen because your loved one is from a different culture, so you are pushed to see a bigger picture of the world.
4. You have the opportunity to be a dual citizen
Sticking to your loved one means you have the opportunity to become a citizen of their ethnic group and further accepted to be a member of their community.
5. You accept the world of your loved one
Loving someone from a different culture becomes incredibly eye opening and helps you to understand other people’s belief and tradition.
6. Every meeting point is colorful
Whenever you meet each other’s families and relatives there is a distinctive exchange of identity, culture and opinions. Meeting each other’s relatives also offers a melting point of ideas and knowledge.
7. You can learn a new language
You wouldn’t want to mocked or caught bewildered every time your loved one speaks to his/her relatives. You want to be involved and this could lead you to taking an interest in a new language.
8. You have to teach so many things to your loved one
Teaching comes with an opportunity for humor, and challenges you to be willing to help. It also brings out compassion, desire and patience, qualities that are essential for your personal growth.
9. Your loved one is charming to your friends and families
When introducing your loved one to your friends and families there is something extra he/she brings to the meeting that adds charm and interest to both parties.
10. You test your love
Challenges and difficulties from clashing cultures test your love and makes your relationship stronger.
11. You relationship is unique
How do you feel when you are from a state and your partner is from another state or country? Excitingly different. Unlike other relationships yours has a spark of immense discovery, many eccentricities and exceptions.
12. You come to terms with being misunderstood sometimes
At least it will save you the worries and anxiety because you simply won’t be able to understand everything that’s happening. Some of us call it pants, others call it trousers, some call it soccer and others call it football, and these may dazzle you for some time.
13. You can tap into different cultural idiosyncrasies
Every culture and country has its unique sayings and proverbs. They way they greet each other in Bayelsa is very different from that of Ogun. However with time you start loving what the other culture does.
14. You have new holidays to celebrate
You have more good times to celebrate. You will have to party to new holidays and celebrations even if you have no idea what is being celebrated.
15. You start supporting two different teams during major sporting events
Now you have two teams to support during the Olympics and the World Cup. Something you may have being used to before. Even if you don’t want it, at least it keeps the excitement alive.
16. You learn to become more aware of who you are
When your culture meets another you start finding those elements you may not have found in your culture previously. You start realizing what your culture truly means and how you can portray it to your loved one.
17. You get stuck with each other’s accents
Certain cultures and accents limit their speakers from pronouncing certain alphabets correctly. For example someone from Calabar could want to say ‘junction’ but says ‘yunction.’ But this could be humorous for you as you start appreciating these elements in your loved one.
18. You appreciate your loved one’s skin color
When you are used to being surrounding by your own culture all your life and become in a relationship with a someone completely different, you tend reevaluate your thoughts on cultural and racial identity.
19. You learn so many ways to say ‘I love you’
Whether it is “I love/Mo ni’fe re’” saying these and expressing them in a different tone and language other than yours is eye-opening to the language of love.
20. You are more tolerated as foreigner
If you make mistakes or have a misunderstanding because of certain things in your loved one’s culture you do not know about, it is easier to get away with it.

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