Thursday, 16 July 2015

Best 6 Movies So Far In 2015

Saying we have had a wonderful six month of great movie release would be an understatement looking at the blockbusters and jaw dropping movies that we have seen so far this year.
From the release of the new sequels of Avengers (Age of Ultron) and Fast and Furious (furious 7) to what has been describe as the biggest movie opening of all time Jurassic World and the romantic flick of Fifty Shades of Grey, I believe what we should talking about are which one of the movies that has been released in 2015 is a must see movie.

Like I said we have had a lot of great movies that has been release in the past six month but I have been able to pick out the six best movies that are a must see and that are likely going to win numerous award at the end of the year.
1.      The Wolpack: This film was the work of Crystal Moselle and it is a documentary about the Angulo family who are half white, half Latino. They order their kids which included a girl and six boys, not to leave their overcrowded apartment in Manhattan. All they knew about life was what they saw in movies which later changed when one of them found stay outside their apartment. This is a movie you can’t get out of your head as it is dazzling and unfogetttable
2.      Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: This movie is about a high school senior played by Thomas Mann who was forced by his parent to visit a dying classmate which was played by Olivia Cooke. Rachel Kushner (Olivia) was diagnosed with leukemia and Greg (Thomas) was forced by his overbearing parent to befriend her in her time of need.  The movie was directed by Alfonso Gomez and he was able to blend laughter and tears with uncommon delicacy and feelings
3.      Clouds of Sils Maria: Filmmaker Olivier Assayas takes us on a journey of humour and hearts into the mind of two woman which were acted by Juliette Binoche (played the role of an aging star) and Kristen Stewart (who played as her assistant) in a genius performance that has silent all doubts about her talent. The movie shows us the tempestuous relationship between a callous young girl Sigrid and a vulnerable older woman Helen who eventually committed suicide. It is a film you all must see.
4.      Love and Mercy: This is a movie directed by Bill Pohlad and was screened written by Oren Moverman and they delightfully unfollow the rules on this one. As the young Brian WilsonPaul Dano gets so far inside the genius of the former Beach Boy that you can feel his nerve endings. As the older Wilson, John Cusack takes a different approach, showing the ravages of mental illness and the hard road ahead. It's all there in the music, joyous and haunted
5.      Ex Machina: If you are a sci-fi fan and you haven’t seen this mind blowing movie that was directed by screen writer Alex Garland then you haven’t seen a movie this year. it talks   about a sexy, independent-thinking android (the extraordinary Alicia Vikander) and the tech billionaire (Oscar Isaac, outstanding) who invented her.
6.      Mad Max: Fury Road: George Miller's post-apocalyptic spectacle grows in my estimation each time I see it. (I'm three times and counting.) This baby makes you drunk on movies again. Tom Hardy steps in for Mel Gibson as road warrior Max Rockatansky and rocks it. And Charlize Theron, as rogue warrior Furiosa, gives the best performance by an actress I've seen so far this year. If Oscar doesn't listen, the golden boy is even more of an idiot then I thought.

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