Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Exclusive Interview With The Face Of Ebony 2016

The first audition for the Maiden edition of Miss Little Face Lagos 2016 was held over the weekend and part of the judges was Miss Blessing Neriah Ngozi Justine the winner of Face Of Ebony 2016 and as usual Absolute Hearts Media was able to have a chat with her.

Absolute Hearts: Can we meet you?

Face Of Ebony: My name is Blessing Neriah Ngozi Justine the Face Of Ebony 2016.

Absolute Hearts: Tell us about your Background

Face Of Ebony: I am from a polygamous home and my dad is late, he married three wives and my mum is the last wife. I am from Imo state but based in Lagos and I am the last of nine children overall. After finishing secondary school in Lagos, I studied in Ghana. I have been working in the media in Lagos since, and I am also a trained make-up artist.

Absolute Hearts: Tell us about your Personality

Face Of Ebony: I am a hard-working person. I value my faith, family, friends, and work. I am a serious girl but I like to have fun once in a while!

Absolute Hearts: What is your Passion?

Face Of Ebony: My first passion is music. My family is very musical and I used to be a dancer as well.

Absolute Hearts: What are you hobbies?

Face Of Ebony: For hobbies I enjoy movies and reading. When I get bored with that I like to see my favorite artistes and friends perform around Lagos.

Absolute Hearts: What are your Likes and Dislike?

Face Of Ebony: I like intelligent and considerate people. I also like food! Things I don't like: bad smells and people who talk too much!

Absolute Hearts: Have you ever gone for any Beauty Pageant before Face of Ebony?

Face Of Ebony: Face of Ebony was my first pageant. I was nervous at first but then later flowed 

Absolute Hearts: What motivated to go for Face Of Ebony?

Face Of Ebony: I was inspired by the designs and a friend (Gideon Bankz) who taught me catwalk. I wanted to try it out!

Absolute Hearts: What can you tell us about the Face Of Ebony?

Face Of Ebony: Face of Ebony is about celebrating classic African beauty and fashion.

Absolute Hearts: What exactly is Classic African Beauty and Fashion?

Face Of Ebony: African beauty and fashion is about mixing traditional fabrics and looks with a modern twist. African beauty isn't seen enough in the wider world so we need to celebrate it here.
Absolute Hearts: How supportive was your mother?

Face Of Ebony: My mother supports me in everything I love to do

Absolute Hearts: What is your fashion style?

Face Of Ebony: My fashion style is more or less classic. I like ankara and gowns but I also put on blue jeans just to chill.

Absolute Hearts: How do you intend to deal with the fame that comes along with the crown?

Face Of Ebony: As for fame, I know that success comes from hard work. So I appreciate recognition but I keep a level head

Absolute Hearts: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Face Of Ebony: In five years I plan to have advanced in the industry. I may even open my own business or return to school for further studies.

Absolute Hearts: There is a common notion that modelling is another form of prostitution because models sleep their way to the top. What your take on this?

Face Of Ebony: I do believe that some people in the industry want to take advantage -- guys and girls. But my morals are strong

Absolute Hearts: How has being the Face Of Ebony changed you?

Face Of Ebony: Being Face Of Ebony has given me confidence that I can achieve anything I set out to. It has also introduced me to many talented people in the industry. It inspires me.

Absolute Hearts: Finally, what do you have to say to every young girl that might want to be like you?

Face Of Ebony: To all the young beauties out there: be yourself, work hard, and have faith!

Absolute Hearts: Thank you for your time

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