Tuesday 7 June 2016

#StoryTuesday: The Accident (Episode Four)

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A Month After His Service
Before he finished his service Tunde had a plan of going into buy&selling once returned back to Lagos but what kind of business was he going to do was one area he had not figured out. He knew with the whole no job situation in the country he couldn’t just stay at home idle with no source of income, no federal government to pay allowee again so he knew he must find something doing even if it was for short time.
Prior to when he was leaving Niger, he and Chucks had discuss a pure water business but they didn't go into details about it but after a month of job hunting and submitting CVs without an interview he decided to make inquires on what it was going to take to get into the pure water business. So on this day he decided to go see a friend of his late father who has been running the pure water business for about seven years maybe he could give him some insight on how the business works. He had called the man in the morning to inform him he was coming but when he got to his office he was told the man hasn’t come in, that he should for a while so he did.

While waiting for the man, a call came through his phone, he was shocked when he picked it and the caller identified herself. It was an known number and the voice wasn't sounding familiar so he politely ask who he was speaking with, lo and behold he was surprised when the caller said her name. It was his ex girlfriend whom him dated while he was in 300level, every since he left they have not spoken, there was no fight between them in fact after their break up they still remained good friends but somehow they lost contact and that was it, till this very day.

While they were talking the man he came to see walked in, so he had to end the call. Immediately after he dropped the call, he went straight to the man’s office and they had a very lengthy discussion which included family and business. The man told him that giving the current economic situation in the country, he was going to need a lot of capital if he intends going into the business. The man said when he was about opening his business seven years ago all he needed was about N1.5million which he used in acquiring the equipment that he needed, he said the land wasn't part of it because he already had the land two years before then.  He said it was part of that money that he used to get his licence and also his Nafdac number and some other vital documents. He told him that the first thing he needs to do is to look for a suitable land, a land that has great amount of water underneath but he should be careful not to get a waterlogged area. He also said he could always call him if he needs any help concerning the business that he thinks he has some couple of people that could help him out.

He left the man office with mixed feelings, he never thought the business was going to require that much but immediately he boarded a bus to his next destination he stop thinking about that and focused on where he was going next. His ex that called him had told him to come by her house if he was free and considering the fact that his mother sent him on an errand towards that side he decided to kill two birds with one stone.  He also felt he could persuade her into following him to the market to get some stuff just like they use to do when they were in school.

Yetunde was the only one at home, her dad wasn't in the country and her mom had traveled down to the village so for the next two weeks she had the whole house to herself although she didn't tell Tunde when she called him. Tunde didn't know what to expect when he got there, in fact he was in front of the gate when he thought to himself this one way this girl just call me say she won see me and me self just dey go. The truth was that Tunde never got over Yetunde, he couldn’t get over her for so many reasons, she is beautiful, has that hour glass figure and oh boy she is loaded, like her parents her rich and he was madly in love with her even before he knew they were rich because one thing about Yetunde was the fact that she never flaunted her wealth around.  Only few of her friends knew how rich Yetunde’s parent were and Tunde was the only guy she dated that knew exactly how rich her parents were.

Yetunde loved Tunde just as much as he loved him though after their break up she had dated two other guys, as a matter of fact her last relationship just ended four weeks back and she needed someone to talk to about it but she never thought of Tunde till the night before the day she was sorting out her room and she found a picture of Tunde, the only picture they ever took while they were dating and that picture brought back some good and loving memories and that was what led to the call the next day.

Tunde was happy seing her likewise she was also happy to see him, in fact she was very excited that she jumped on him and hugged him for like two minutes when she opened the door for him to come in. After he was in he asked after her parents and that was when he knew that she had the house to herself for the next two weeks at least and as they continue talking a lot of interesting things happened.

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