Saturday 2 July 2016

Chris Brown chased out of Ibiza rental by cops for peeing & vomiting everywhere

On Friday, Chris Brown was kicked out of the home he was renting in Ibiza after he totally trashed it… in some pretty disgusting ways.
The singer had been staying in the luxury pad for the last week of June, but refused to leave once his time was up.
So, the landlord called the cops to get him out! However, when the police arrived, they reported that the house had been pretty badly damaged.
The police report revealed that the walls were all carved up. But what’s worse is that someone apparently peed all over the bed, and there was vomit everywhere.
Plus, the landlord says C.B. already owes $26K (about N9m) for the rent and, considering the condition of the house, he’s now asking for around $60K (N20.7m) for damages.
But a source says the Brown’s rent issue was already settled, explaining that was a bank error on the landlord’s part.

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