Tuesday 27 December 2016

#StoryTuesday: The Judgment (Episode Three)

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In the midst of the crowd, he kept thinking, how come no one saw him? Could it be that no one noticed the bag or they were too busy wanting to burn the car and the people inside it? Whatever it was, one thing he could conclude on was the fact that his luck was spot on that day as he thought to himself what are the chances of him carrying N500,000 in the crowd full of angry people and no one would stopp him.
The irony of that day was the fact that before he left home, he and his roommate while smoking some weed were talking about the possibility of them coming across a certain amount of money on the floor.
Nova: Just imagine say as I dey comot I see like 100k for floor I swear I go happy die, I go too thank God (he said as he took a drag of the weed before passing it)

Okafor: (Collecting the weed he responded) hahahahaha, God self no go fit allow you see person money for floor

Nova: Why, shebi people dey see money for floor, no be yesterday you dey tell me about that guy way see $2500 for him office toilet way the fool return am

Okafor: Yes but person na like us no fit see that kind thing , God know say our mind no pure if we see am we no go return am, so if at all you see am just know say na devil handwork

Nova: Na u sabi either devil or God, tell me say if I carry money come house say I see am for floor you no go follow me spend am

Okafor: Guy na wa for you oooo, see question, why won’t I spend it with you, abi you think say na only to smoke weed with you I sabi?

These was part of the conversation Nova had with his roommate before he left home that Friday, not knowing that the devil was at work.

He actually wanted to cross the road when the accident occurred and the briefcase that the victim was holding somehow fell right in front of him. As people gathered round the victim and the car, he stylishly bent down and picked the case up and it was after this that he moved a bit closer to the scene before he made the 121 call. He waited for the police to arrive the scene before he took his leave but by then he had kept some distance away from the accident scene, he kept the distance because he believe once the police arrived and things probably get out of hand they might start arresting everybody and that he wasn't ready for.
On getting home Okafor was surprise with what he saw,

Okafor: Guy what is this? (He asked as he met Nova staring at a briefcase filled with cash)

Nova: Money (Replied without taking his eyes off the money)

Okafor: Ode I know it is money, I can see it, how did you get it?

Nova: I think the devil blessed me

Okafor: Okay now you are making no sense, which one be say devil bless you, where did you get the money from?

Nova: If I tell you, you won’t believe me

Okafor: Try me

And as Nova started to narrate his story to Okafor, he was so shocked that he told Nova to pause, got up, went to where their shoe rack is, brought out two mole weed, gave one to Nova as he kept the other in his mouth, lit it up and said now continue.

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