Monday 19 December 2016

The Kingpin Won’t Be In Spider-Man: Homecoming

The Kingpin character has had many run-ins with Spider-Man in the comics, leading people to think he could be in Homecoming, and given that the Man Without Fear will play an important part in The Defenders, it might make sense for the Kingpin to show up there as well.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like either of those things will happen. We will be seeing the Kingpin again, as he’s set to make an appearance in The Punisher but he won’t be in either Homecoming or The Defenders. That’s according to D’Onofrio himself, who said the following on Twitter when fans asked him about it. “No chance, That I doubt.Seems to be so many characters in the film uni to service.The films are already jam packed.”

Though this is definitely disappointing to hear, I still wouldn’t rule it out from happening just yet. D’Onofrio may not have anything lined up for either project at the moment, but Marvel knows how popular his character is and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him appear in another show down the line. Making the jump to film might be more difficult, but to have the Kingpin show up in another Netflix series would be pretty easy and there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t happen.

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