Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Watch Michelle Rodriguez In The Assignment Trailer

Walter Hill returned with a new movie titled The Assignment, and today we’ve got the first trailer for it. Premiering back at the Toronto International Film Festival, Hill’s latest has come under some fire in recent months thanks to its subject material and the way it tastelessly handles it. Early reviews have called it trashy and indelicate, and from the footage presented here, we can see where the critics are coming from.

Starring Michelle Rodriguez as hitman Frank Kitchen, The Assignment sees the protagonist forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery by a sadistic doctor, played here by Sigourney Weaver. Unsurprisingly, when Frank wakes up and discovers what’s happened, he sets out for revenge. You can no doubt see why activist groups have already started causing a stir over the film.

As a revenge flick, it looks innocent enough, and Rodriguez is certainly a capable action lead, but it’s the subject matter underlining the story and the way in which Hill executes his ideas that’s got people so upset. It just screams sleaze and while we don’t like to judge a film before we see it, we certainly don’t feel too optimistic about this one.

Saban Films hasn’t set a release date for The Assignment just yet, but it’ll presumably land at some point in 2017, when it’ll surely be met with a whirlwind of controversy.

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