Wednesday 12 April 2017

7 Exciting Reasons Nigerians Love Easter

After Christmas and New Year, the most anticipated holiday among Nigerians is Easter. Easter for many is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ while for others it is much more than a celebration. Whatever the case maybe, the undeniable fact is that Nigerians love Easter and here are 7 exciting reasons why.

It is a five-day break from your regular routine
For quite a number of Nigerians, this is the first holiday they are having since the Christmas and New Year break. Hence, they look forward to taking a well-deserved Easter break that will allow them to get out of the rut and do other things.
 Enough shows and event
Since Easter is one of the longest holidays in the country, a lot of shows are fixed during the period. From music to comedy and drama, they are all open for you to attend as long as you pay the gate pass.
No work
To put it mildly, some employees are already basking in the euphoria that they won’t have to go work for two days (Friday & Monday.). In addition, the holiday also knocks out Monday that you probably dislike. So, Easter holiday is a moment they cherish and savour. This doesn’t mean they don’t love what they do though. For persons who will still go to work, sorry! Lol!
Spend a good time with family and friends
This may be simplistic but you will be surprised that some individuals are homesick. They cannot wait to return home to see wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even parents. The Easter holiday makes this possible especially for those who leave home in the week and return weekend. Even if you return home daily, you will still be excited about the holiday because you will relax and have fun with your friends and family.
Time to enjoy frejon
Frejon is a coconut bean soup that is prepared and eaten during Easter. It is very tasty and delicious. If you ate it last year, jumia travel is very sure that you are already drooling to empty plates into your belly.
Opportunity to Travel home
For Nigerians who didn’t go home in December, Easter is an opportunity for them to travel to see their people in the village.  This is peculiar with Igbos of Eastern Nigeria whose trade sojourn has taken them to different parts of Nigeria.
Rest & Sleep
If you are not travelling, you can simply stay home and recover lost strength by simply sleeping and waking. Anyway, make sure you enjoy this long holiday!

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