Tuesday, 20 June 2017

#StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Six)

Today, we publish the sixth episode of our story titled SHALEWA. If you missed the previous episode please goto > #StoryTuesday: Shalewa (Episode Five). Enjoy episode six below:

Inspired by a True Life Story.
Two weeks after Dave and Shalewa formed the chorus to Chillin, Dave officially released the song which became a massive hit but not before he played the final version to Shalewa and Kikelomo. Dave drove down to her department to pick up and as they were driving to the school cafeteria, Dave played the song for them to listen. 

Kikelomo was the one that commented first, she said “wow, this sound really great, I like the beat and the chorus nice one”. His reply was simple and short “Thank you” before he added “I couldn’t have done it without Shalewa”. Shalewa just giggled before she said “please I didn’t do anything, I was only trying to fool myself the other day though I must say I really love the song, can I have it on my phone? Even though the song wasn’t due for release Dave allowed them have the song on their phone.

By second week in December when Google released their list of the most searched song in Nigeria Dave’s Chillin was number 3 and it was this that actually led to Dave throwing Shalewa a birthday party just to show his appreciation to her. Immediately his PR team broke the news to him he placed a call through to Shalewa who missed his call because she was in class and had to call back when she was through with her lectures.

Shalewa: Hello, what’s up, I’m sorry I missed your call

Dave: It’s cool, how are you?

Shalewa: I am stressed, today’s class was hectic

Dave: Sorry to hear that, I have good news to share with you

Shalewa: Really, alright, I’m listening

Dave: My PR team just told me that my song or should I say our song Chillin is one of the most searched songs on Google this year. As a matter of fact it was placed at number three.

Shalewa: Wow!!! That nice, really, I am happy for you

Dave: You make it sound like it was all my effort

Shalewa: Yes it is, it is your song you recorded, didn’t you?

Dave: Yes I did but I won’t have don’t that if it wasn’t for you, besides the chorus was all your idea, I didn’t change anything so I feel you also deserve some credit, as a matter I want to show you how much I really appreciate you, tell me anything you want and I would do it

Shalewa: You can’t be serious

Dave: I am serious, just name and it's all yours

Shalewa: Really you don’t have to. Any song you released would have gone far that I am certain of

Dave: That might be true but I still insist, so speak up.

When it became clear that he wasn’t going to give up on it, she decided to request for something. At first she didn’t know what to ask of, she told him that they should continue their conversation that she couldn’t think of anything at the moment and as they continued their conversation about other things, the idea popped into her head.My birthdayshe said, “I want you to celebrate my birthday for me

This was when she told him when her birthday was, she said her birthday way December 23 and she didn’t have any plan for it, she asked if he could throw her a party not something big probably herself and her friends just hanging out with Dave and his friends, but Dave being Dave threw her a very expensive and loud party and this was what created the whole rumour that Shalewa and Dave had something going on between them.

The events that took place on the night of her 18th birthday is something Shalewa would not forget in her life though that wasn’t the night her troubles started but that was the beginning of everything.

Next episode next week Tuesday..

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