Saturday 16 September 2017

Absolute Hearts Album Reviewing the 'Blessed Forever' album by A.Q

Artiste: A.Q
Album: Blessed Forever
Tracks: 11
Features: Goodgirl LA, Ric Hassani, Big Daddy Jay, Music Mash Group, Yoye, Wavy The Creator, Maka, Bionic, Etwinz
Producers: Beats By Jayy, Etwinz
Many people might remember A.Q for the song Distraction where he featured Vector but A.Q has gone from being a distraction to the real deal in rap. A.Q is one of those few rappers that have continued to hold it down when it comes to rap yet he is still very much underappreciated, nonetheless that hasn’t stopped A.Q from doing what he knows how to do best and once again he has blessed us with another album titled Blessed Forever.  

The album kicks off with the song titled Blessed Forever as A.Q take his time to appreciate everything God has done for him and like I say you can’t get it wrong with songs like this, the rating will be 8/10

Next track is No Problem and on this one he features Big Daddy Jay x Yoye and together they all gave us a powerful sound. From the chorus to the production down to the flows everything about this song is classy, the rating will be 8/10

Criminality is my favourite track on this album, I love the creativity A.Q gave this song and also nice production from Etwinz. This is a cool afro rap song as the rating will be 9/10.

Lekki Express Way features Wavy The Creator and once again A.Q continued to thrill us with that unique live music sounds which I can say is what this album is based on. This song will carry a 9/10 rating. 

Big shout to Beats By Jayy for the decent production of this song. AS + AS (Genotype), this is probably the best song on this album, A.Q tells a very touching and deep story, this songs says a lot about A.Q's talent as a creative and storytelling rapper. Shout to Ric Hassani for also holding it down on the chorus of this song as the rating will be 10

Made By Voice features Music Mash Group and they started the song with a beautiful Acapella as A.Q came in with his distraction flows on this taking shots and naming names. Very decent track if you ask me and the rating will be 9/10

Omo Iko sees A.Q going a bit faster with his flow which is what he is known for and so far he has hardly done it on this album. Another brilliant production from Beats By Jayy and the rating will be 10

Jazzman is the only song that was released off this album and this song sees A.Q go in with his usual flow, the rating will be 8/10

Diezani sees A.Q flaunting his creativity flow once again, taking his flow faster on a beautiful production coming from Beats By Jayy once again. 
The rating for this song will be 9/10

Big shoutouts to Maka on this song, Home is another beautiful song off this album and the rating will be 10

A.Q tells us some deep stuff about his past on Change One Thing Change Everything and once again you just have to appreciate his storytelling rap on this track. Very deep track and I really enjoyed how the melody switched up and down, the rating will be 10.

I have to be honest, I had to listen to this album like five times before I could really appreciate the beauty of this album because this songs on this album aren't the usual rap song we are used to and you have to be a real fan of rap to truly understand and appreciate the sounds coming out from this album. A.Q once again has proven he is in his own sphere when it comes to rap, a good album and the total rating will be 9/10

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