Friday, 15 September 2017

#AHAlbumReview: Reviewing the 'Odysseus' album by Jesse Jagz

Artiste: Jesse Jagz
Album: Odysseus
Tracks: 10
Features: Hot Ice, Melon (R2bees) , Styl Plus, Cynthia Morgan, Burna Boy.
Producers: Jesse Jagz

I have to say I am excited reviewing this project, it’s something I have longed for and finally Jesse Jagz drops another anticipated album titled Odysseus. This will be Jesse's fourth studio album and one out of the three albums he promised he will release back to back, when the remaining two will drop is something that can’t really be said for now but in the meantime let see what Odysseus has for us.

The album kicks off with the track called Genesis and this is a real tone setter for what the rest of the album is going to sound like. From the production which is also done by him down to the lyrics, this song is not just hot but also very deep which is one of the things Jesse is known for, deep and intelligent lyrics. The rating of this song will be 10

With Dirty (ft. Hot Ice) Jesse took hip hop to another level, if you want to point to rap in its finest then Dirty is the song to point too. On this song he features Hot Ice who also brought fire as he spits some pretty hot bars, the rating for this song will be 10

Best In You is one of the singles that was release before the album dropped and this will have a 9/10.

Alright (ft. Styl Plus) is a song I didn’t see coming at all, I mean big credits to Styl Plus, I never expected such performance from them, for a group that many have written off, they did such a brilliant work and of course Jesse came in and killed the song totally with his hot bars. The rating for this song will be 9/10

Up next is Wide and Blue and once again Jesse gives us that deep and intelligent flow on another super production and the rating for this will be a 9/10

To be honest I would say this is probably the weakest song on this album but that is not to say Fine n Clean (ft. Cynthia Morgan) isn’t a dope song but compared to other songs I have listened to so far, this didn’t really stick with me. The rating will be 5/10.

This started more like S** and Scorch but as the instrumentals continue to drop Awake began to sound very different, at this point I have to give credit to Jesse for the production effort that has been put into this album. Awake carries another deep and intelligent flow from Jesse and the rating will be 9/10.  

Jesse as a message for every Ghetto Youth and on this one he features Melon r 2 bess and together they gave us another brilliant song. This is another 10 rating song. 

Rude Boys Quarters is my favourite song off this album as Jesse gives us some real Jamaican sounds here with a very beautiful production and fire spitting flows. The rating will be 10.  

The album ended with another powerful tune called Violation and this features Burna Boy, a collaboration I was really looking forward to and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. This song reminds me of the old school hip hop as Jesse went all out on this track. The rating will be 10.

Once again with this album Jesse Jagz has shown us that he is not our regularly type of rapper or artiste but when he decides to drop an album he goes all out to give us the best of the best with sounds that will stand the test of time.

As expected Jesse took us on very powerful, deep and intelligent journey on this album, he once again prove to us why he is the Greatest and I am sure every fan of Jesse will have their hands full with the album.

Without any doubt this Odysseus will go down as another great album of all time and probably the  best rap album for the year 2017. The total rating for this album will be 9.4/10

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