Saturday, 3 February 2018

6 Tasty Foods From Eastern Nigeria

From the north to the south, east and west, Nigeria is endowed with tasty foods and if you do not try any of these foods, you are seriously missing out. One of the major tribes in Nigeria is Igbo and they can be found in Eastern Nigeria which is made up of Abia, Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi, and Enugu. Here are delicious foods to try when you visit any of the aforementioned states.

Ofe Owerri
Ofe Owerri is widely consumed in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is mainly made with mixed green vegetables, fish and assorted meat. The soup is usually thickened with cocoyam.

Ofe Onugbu (Bitterleaf soup)
Ofe Onugbu is made with bitter leaf which the soup is named after. Despite the name, it is not bitter at all as the bitterness disappears after the leaves have been thoroughly washed.

Abacha can be classified as a street food because it is readily available. It is made from sliced cassava, ugba, garden eggs, and utazi leaves. It is very easy to prepare and the taste will leave you desiring more.

Oha soup
Oha soup is made from oha leaves. The soup is very delicious and can be eaten alongside akpu, garri or any of your favourite swallows.

This is an Igbo delicacy made with different kinds of meat which is the main attraction to this meal.

It is made with okpa beans (Bambara Groundnut or Bambara Beans) which has a naturally delicious flavour. It can be either a meal or a snack

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