Sunday 24 February 2019

I will leave my husband to God - Olajumoke Orisaguna speaks on husband allegations

You all remember Olaumoke Orisaguna, the bread hawker who became an overnight model and star, thanks to TY Bello, It seems there is trouble in their paradise.
Recently Jumoke husband, Sunday Orisaguna did an interview and alleged that Jumoke had become rude and no longer respected him but now Jumoke has come out to deny the accusations.

She said “Anybody can say whatever pleases them with their mouth. He is the one that has been spreading such stories, when a man knows everything about you, he can choose to do whatever with that information. As for me I am okay and there is nothing wrong with me. Whatever is going on is known to God, we are still together. He has never discussed all what he has been saying outside with me, so I don't understand what he is driving at because we sleep in the same house. Well he can continue saying whatever pleases him but I will not say anything bad about him. There is nobody I will discuss his matter with; I just leave him to God, God will judge between us. ”

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