Tuesday 28 May 2019

#StoryTuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode Six)

Just in case you missed the fifth episode of our latest story series titled I Married a Prostitute, here is the link, read and continue with the sixth episode below;
My relationship with Chioma didn’t last long, I think we dated for about six months, I can’t really remember but one thing I can remember was that it was all my fault. Not that I didn’t like Chioma, in fact  being around her, there was never a dull moment, she is beautiful, busty, which was even a plus for  me, there is something about girls with heavy b00bs that I like, my cousin will jokingly say “God no go allow them use boobee carry you go”.  

One thing that made me like Chioma is her intelligence, mehn that girl is smart, it was during our short relationship na him I gather sense say I go buy car, in fact if not for her that literally talked me into it I for still dey expect David to dey drive me around. She’s very caring and understanding but I didn’t truly love her, don’t get me wrong, I like her a lot as a person or a friend but I didn’t like her that much to want a relationship with  her and that was where the problem came from.

One thing I respected her for was the fact that she never really complained, she wasn’t the nagging type, there were days way be say we for don plan say we go hangout, I go just change plans out of nowhere and she won’t complain. Though there was this one time she complained and even told David about how I don’t give her much attention whenever she is not around, I don’t call often, I have never sent her a text message even on WhatsApp I hardly chat her up unless she is the one chatting me up. She told David that this is the reason why she always comes to spend more time with us because she knows I always give her my undivided attention whenever we are together. After her complaint, I tried to adjust, I started to call her in the morning before going to work and in the night before going to bed but then again that wasn’t enough, she complained to David about the how many minutes we spend on phone and also the kind of conversation we have too.

David did his best to make sure we had a smooth relationship, in fact the major reason the relationship lasted that long was because of David's interference but I couldn’t really hide how I felt, I felt like a prisoner in the relationship and considering the fact that I’m not that kind of guy that likes playing with people’s emotion I decided to tell her truth. Breaking up with her was one of the most difficult thing I had to do because I had never broken a girl’s heart before na them they always leave me, not saying I’m perfect, of course I get my own flaws but then again it is what it is. 

What really surprised me was the fact that Chioma handled the break up well, I mean she didn’t go all crazy on me, even though she was hurt, she could understand where I was coming from and she appreciated the fact that I actually told her the truth about everything. David was the one that didn’t just get it, in his words “brother na good girl you dey let go like that”, he couldn’t rap his head around it but like I told him “why I’m dating her when I truly don’t love her?, I mean she is a good girl and she deserves someone that will love and treat her well but that no be me, so why not just let her go.” 

Eventually David came to terms with it, I mean he had to, no be say him get choice as I made it clear he doesn’t have a say in the matter, one thing I made sure I did was remain or let me say I became a better friend to her and today we are more than friends she is my in-law, she got married to David, by the way David is my cousin just in case you have been wondering who David is. 

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