Thursday 22 July 2021

4 Social Media mistakes you should stop making

Social Media Mistakes You Should Stop
We all use Social Media to promote our businesses, some business are majorly Social media based. However you are using Social Media for your business, here are some mistakes you should never make on Social Media. Read below:

1. DON’T: #Abuse #Hashtags
Adding appropriate hashtags connects your post to all other posts with that hashtag. It’s a convenient way to categorize and search content on social media networks. That said, don’t turn every word in a post into a hashtag, or stuff unrelated hashtags into your post. When used correctly, hashtags will increase your online visibility and followers. When used in excess, it looks spammy and becomes ineffective.

2. DON’T: Share without researching first.
Social media networks make it super easy to quickly share content from another account. Sharing content is often seen as an endorsement of that content and of the user who posted it, so be careful what you share — it could become part of your brand. Before you click share or retweet, first check out the account that shared the information to be sure you’re comfortable being associated with using them as a source.

3. DON’T: Be a spammer.
Retweeting, liking, commenting, posting, and sharing is great, but keep everything in moderation. Nobody wants their social media feeds to be filled by a single account. For example, don’t join 20 groups on Facebook and post the same self-promotional message in all of them, and then never interact with members again. Don’t post promotional content in places where self-promotion is not allowed. That’s not the impression you want to leave. 


ARE YOU MAD AT ME? DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG? Stop with the all caps! Not only are they visually alarming, but they also communicate that you’re upset, angry or aggressive. Reserve this style of writing for occasional single-word emphasis, like when something is REALLY important. Always be aware of the tone you’re setting with your words.

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