Monday 27 September 2021

New Story: The 49th Girl (Episode One)

Today we resume a new story called 'The 49th Girl'. Read episode 1 below:

Wale Johnson
just got heartbroken and he is not doing well at the moment, he has been moody and sad. He spent most of his days sleeping and thinking, he has distanced himself from his friends.

Tosin, Wale’s roommate walks into the room and sees Wale in what is fast becoming his thinking position. He ignored him at first; as he went on to take off his clothes. While taking off his cloth, Wale’s phone rings but Wale was deep in thought that he didn’t hear it ring.

Tosin knew Wale didn’t hear the phone, “this boy matter just tire me, upon how him phone dey ring, him no even hear. Guy your phone dey ring na”, Tosin said as he tapped him out of his thought with annoyance. Wale takes a glance at the phone to see who the caller is and ignores the phone after seeing the caller.

Tosin and Wale have been roommates since year one and in their four years of staying together, Tosin has witnessed some of Wale’s bad days but this is worse than bad. Everything he has tried to cheer Wale up wasn’t just working, he has even tried countless times to get Wale out of the house but Wale won’t just leave the room. “So assuming lecture don resume for real, na so you go dey inside room, you no go receive lecture abi? Tosin said to him the other day when he was trying to get him to go to the campus with him.

Wale has been scared of stepping into the campus premises because he doesn’t know how he would react if he comes across his ex. Would he act cool and try to be matured by saying hi? Would he just ignore her and act like she doesn’t exist? “But she does exist”, he answered in his mind. “what if everything I feel for her just come rushing back the moment I see her and I begin to cry or worst, I begin to beg her to take me back?” these were some of the questions he was asking himself and Tosin whenever he talks to Tosin about the whole situation

His phone won’t stop ringing and clearly, Wale isn’t going to answer the call, Tosin is becoming frustrated with the sound of the phone. Tosin gets up from the bed, picks up Wale’s phone after the last ring and switches off the phone then he throws the phone at Wale. Wale looks at him somehow when he finds out that his phone was off but before he could say anything Tosin said “as you no wan follow anybody talk I say make I help you off am, your ringtone dey vex me”.

Tosin gets back to the bed to continue reading his novel, Tosin is a book person and he just got his hands on the latest Dan Brown book, The Lost Symbol. He would have offered to give Wale to read after he is done reading but with Wale’s current state of mind and mood, he didn’t even bother. Wale is also a book person though not as much as Tosin, he enjoys reading novels, but Tosin reads all kinds of books, he belongs to three different book clubs on campus.

As for Wale, football is his thing, Wale is a good footballer and proud supporter of Manchester United, if he is not playing football, he is watching football but since his break up, Wale hasn’t been to the pitch to play football and he doesn’t even care if Manchester United are winning or losing. Before his break-up, Wale use to be the fun guy, a very funny guy that knows how to light up the room with his dry jokes and stupid questions.

Wale is a lively person, jovial, kind, honest and handsome, yes emphasis must be placed on that; he is handsome. His handsomeness makes a lot of girls fall for him, they all want to be around him and this at first always made his ex a bit jealous but as they continued their relationship it didn’t bother her because Wale was faithful and was never shy of showing her off, at times the way Wale shows her off makes her shy that she had to tell him to slow down on the showing off.

She used to mean everything to him, but now, he means nothing to her anymore and that’s something that pains him more. How can someone you love so deeply hurt you this way? How do you go from telling each other everything to not even being able to say a word to each other? How can someone that has brought you so much joy and happiness and brings you so much pain and sadness?

It’s been three months since they broke up and still, Wale isn’t showing any sign that he is ready to move on or that he is anywhere close to getting over the relationship even though it’s clear that she isn’t coming back, a part of him still hopes she does. “Just imagine say I wake up one morning and she dey kitchen dey make breakfast, or na her “good morning baby” text wake me” he once said to Tosin.

Tosin had tried everything in his power to help, he even went as far as begging his ex to take him back or just be friends with him but her mind was made up, she completely wants nothing to do with Wale.

Wale still hasn’t stepped on campus, even when his project supervisor called him, it was Tosin that answered the call and lied that Wale was ill and hospitalised. “Guy, shey you wan get extra year ni, I understand if you miss lectures, you can always read and pass but na your project be this ooooTosin said to him after dropping the call from Wale’s project supervisor. “If you continue like this, I go just call your papa, maybe if him give you one of those military slaps your head to reset” Tosin added.

Next episode tomorrow

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