Wednesday 29 September 2021

Story: The 49th Girl (Episode Three)

Two days ago we started this new story series titled: The 49th Girl, here is Episode One and Episode Two if you missed it.
Below is the Third Episode

Wale was the first person to wake up the next day; he was in the bathroom doing his laundry while he was playing music on the sound system. It was the noise from the music that eventually woke Tosin.

Tosin wakes up sluggishly, too tired and clearly still hungover; it was as if two Ondo women were pounding yam in his head. He gets up from the bed slowly, put his legs down one after the other; he put his hand over his head, feels his headaches. He sits there for about 30 seconds before getting up slowly. He gets up and staggered forward a little bit before getting his composure. The first thing he did was to turn down the volume of the music coming from the sound system. “When no be party you dey, see as you loud music finish” he shouted out at Wale as he walked into the bathroom to wash his face.

Guy why you go off the music na?, you know how loud I like my music when I’m washing,Wale said as Tosin stepped into the bathroom. 

Guy e be like say them dey pound yam for my headTosin replied. Wale laughs before saying “why your head no go pound after you almost f*ck your life comot yesterday”. 

I dey tell you mehn, yesterday was just crazy mehn, talking about yesterday self, where you come disappear go self?Tosin asked.

Right after the drinking competition, Wale left Tosin in the main house as he explored other rooms in the house. His first stop was the room where he and Tosin had seen some guys and girls doing coke. “Are you the party police, come in and join the fun, there is plenty to go round” one of the guys in the room said to Wale as they noticed him standing by the door staring at them. This was followed by a burst of group laughter before one of the girls added “I can blow some off your d*ck if you want” and this led to more laughter.

Wale was tempted to join them, the offer of “……blow some off your d*ck….” was something tempting, Wale had never gotten that before, his ex-girlfriend wasn’t a fan of oral s*x. “That’s what I’m talking about,” one of the guys said as Wale walked in to join them. Before he could even sit, the girl who spoke was already on him, taking off his trousers as she pushed him to the couch. You could tell Wale was nervous, you could literally hear his heartbeat as one part of his mind kept telling him “Wale this is crazy” and the other was like “it’s all part of the fun”. His nervousness and self-conflicting thoughts flew out the window the moment the girl put the top of his p*nis in her mouth. There was this quick sensational feeling that ran through his body which made him readjust his sitting position.

From the way Wale was reacting, they could tell that was Wale’s first blowjob, one of the guys held his hand and said “I know that feeling bro; we all felt the same way the first time, just relax man and enjoy it”. 

The guy took a pinch of c*ke and placed it on his hand and offered it to Wale but Wale refused “thanks but I’m good”, the other girl in the room took the guy’s hand and sniffed off the coke saying “your lost” which was accompanied by laughter.

For the next 15 minutes, it felt like Wale was in heaven, the excitement on his face, the way he was adjusting and readjusting his sitting position, squeezing the couch, stretching and folding his legs, these were feelings he had never felt before. Like all these “I better pass my neighbour generator” that was almost empty on fuel, Wale began to j*rk as he was about to c*m, and just at the moment the s*men starts to pop out through the hole of his p*nis, Wale made the loud and continuous noise that sound like a dog that was shot and this made everyone in the laugh.

Guy I dey tell you I never c*m like that for my life, even when I had s*x for the first time, it wasn’t like that”. Wale said. “You know wetin even funny pass be say some of the sp*rm splash for the girl mouth and even her body and she was just laughing, if to say na Yemisi, sweet baby Jesus, I won’t hear the last of it, in fact, no s*x for that month again

There was this awkward moment of silence in the bathroom before Tosin said “shey you know say this na the first time way you go say anything about your s*x life with Yemisi?”. 

Wale wanted to reply to him but then changed his mind and said “shey make I continue my story or make I bone?”. Without any hesitation, Tosin told him to carry on with the story.

After cleaning up in the bathroom Wale left the room to go look for Tosin to explain to him what just happened but when he got to the main house, Tosin was already involved in the group s*x, so he didn’t even bother, he left the main house to continue to explore the house.

While exploring, he saw this staircase, so he decided to climb it and see where it leads and just like every corner of the house, they were masked people on the stairs doing all sorts of things.  He climbed the stairs which led him to this long hallway, “I swear that passage long like say person dey go from Obanikoro to Maryland”, Wale said to Tosin as he tried to describe how long the hallway was. “If I tell you say as long as that hallway be, na just three rooms they there” he added as he continued to describe the hallway.

From the beginning of the staircase to the end of the hallway there is a red rug laid on the floor, three rooms with each room having different labels. The first one had “Elite Men”, the second had “Elite Women” and the third had “Privacy”.

Next episode tomorrow

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