Tuesday 28 September 2021

Story: The 49th Girl (Episode Two)

Yesterday we started a new series titled The 49th Girl, here is the link to Episode One in case you missed it, The 49th Girl (Episode One)

Read Episode Two below;

Tosin had just returned from campus and he was surprised when he got inside and sees Wale all dressed up. “Guy wetin you dey do?” he asked with a surprised tone. “I say make I just stroll” he answered. Tosin got more confused “stroll go where

No worry, I’m not going to jump inside lagoon if na wetin you dey reason be that, I just want to clear my head” he replied.

Later that night while they were eating Tosin invited Wale to a mask party that was taking place that weekend. “So guy, he get this party way I wan make you follow me go this weekend,Tosin said. 

Party? Wale asked. 

I mean if you are up for it, I just figure out since you finally left the house today, maybe you might just need a little fun,Tosin said as he continued to tell Wale about the party and why it will be good for him.

Wait, did you say mask party? Wale asked. 

Yes bro and this isn’t just anyhow mask party, this is one of those private mask parties in those American movies, private invite and all thatTosin answered

There was an awkward silence in the room for about 3 minutes; finally, Wale broke the silence as he said “since it’s by invite, how do we get in? Tosin was full of excitement as he replied Wale on how he got the invite through one of his friends. This was probably the longest conversation they had in three months and Tosin knew this was a good sign, yes Wale might not be over his ex but going out today and now agreeing to go to a party with him, surely he is probably on the right track to getting over it.

They got to the party at exactly 7:30PM, after their invite was checked out by the security guys, they were given a mask that they had to put on before they step into the house. The house was spacious and filled with different people wearing masks. The music was playing at mid-volume so Wale and Tosin could still hear each other as they walked around the house. The party hadn’t fully started, some people were hanging around talking with each other, while some were by the bar taking shots after shots, Tosin called Wale's attention to those that were getting a lap dance.

Guy wetin I tell you, this party go mad gan, Tosin said to Wale as they kept walking around the house. Wale kept taking drinks from every server they met on the way, 

“Guy easy on the drink ooo, the party never start ooo, you don’t want to get drunk before the main event”, Tosin said. 

They walked into another room inside the house; they were five people inside the room, three girls and two guys, all naked except their mask, hard substance formed white lines on their hands like the stripe of a zebra. 

No be you talk say trying new things will help me move past thisWale said after Tosin had jokily warned him about not being tempted to sniff the hard substance.

 “When I said try new thing, no be coke I dey talkTosin replied. 

You brought me here to have fun and fun I intend to have, so guy free meWale replied. 

By all means, have fun but don’t run mad doing itTosin replied as they both walked out of the room back into the main house.

By the time they got into the main house, the spacious room has become occupied with more people, the host standing in what looks like a circle formed around him by his guest, as he was addressing everyone, telling them how the event of the night will go down.

The night started off with some drinking competition, everyone in the party had a number assigned to them and those numbers were randomly picked against each other. Lucky enough, Wale and Tosin were put against each other in the drinking competition. Wale won the drinking competition which was a surprise because Wale wasn’t a big drinker. They had 20 shots of tequila each to drink, Tosin couldn’t take more than 12 but Wale took the whole 20 and even took the remaining 8 that Tosin didn’t take. Everyone cheered him up and he was all hyped all too.

Tosin was really surprised, no doubt, Wale had always been the life of the party but not in this way, Tosin pulled Wale aside and said “guy, you need to slow down ooo, no go do pass yourself”. 

“Guy, guy, guy, why you dey do like my papa na?, na you carry me come here say make we come catch fun, can’t you see I’m catching it?” Wale replied.

That was the last conversation they had that night, after that conversation Wale just went off, getting involved in all sort of activities that was going down in the house. Even when the moment they were waiting for came, which was the orgy participation, Tosin couldn’t locate Wale in the main room, he quickly went to check the previous room they had seen people take hard substance just to be sure Wale didn’t go there to sniff some. Wale wasn’t there, so his mind was a bit calm; he just wished that wherever he was in the house, he wasn’t doing something that he would regret later.

Every participant of the in orgy was divided into groups, Dominatrix; these groups were for the men who wanted the ladies to be in control and for the ladies who enjoy being in charge when it comes to s*xual activities. Sadomasochism; this where a group of people who enjoy inflicting some type of pain while having s*xual pleasure, the pain could either be inflicted by the men or the ladies or both if they decide to switch roles.

Tosin participated in the Group S*x; this was a selection of two guys having s*x interchangeably with three ladies. It has always been Tosin's s*xual fantasy to have a twosome but this was way more fun than a twosome. Though at first, he didn’t want to get involved as his mind was wandering about where Wale could have gone. He won’t forgive himself if Wale gets himself into something he is not supposed to get into, he felt since he was the one that brought him to the party he was responsible for him.

Whenever each group were announced, a willing participant was given 60 seconds to submit their number, so all Tosin had to think about what Wale was up to at that moment was just 60 seconds. “As long as him no do coke, him go dey aright last lastTosin said as he dropped his number into the glass bowl that was being passed around. 

Next episode tomorrow

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