Friday 1 October 2021

The 49th Girl (Episode Five)

If you are just joining us, this is a new story series titled The 49th Girl, here is the first four episodes: Episode One, Episode TwoEpisode Three, Episode Four
Read episode five below:

Wale continued with his story of how he got into the room and everybody was looking at him in a weird way, first, he thought maybe the drinks he had taken was starting to affecting him. He could see everyone's face through his own mask and everybody in the room were completed naked, like Adam and Eve naked. Yeah he had seen some naked people in some other parts of the room but those people were engaged in all sorts of s*xual activities and they all had their masks on, so you can’t know who is who.

But the set of people in this room didn’t have clothes on and no masks on, so his first thought was “f*ck mehn, I’m f*cking high”. While he was still trying to process the thought of naked men and women staring at him, a naked girl walked up to him and said, “Welcome to the Garden of Eden”.  “Please follow me to the Creature Room” the naked girl added.

The Garden of Eden……creature room” why is this sounding like a ritual initiation, Tosin said. Wale laughed and said “my brother, this one pass initiation” before he continued his story.

Wale was taken to another room, the room wasn’t that spacious, it had just a table, on the table, there was paper, a pen and a small speaker. As Wale walked into the room, the naked lady stepped out, leaving just Wale alone in the room. Few seconds after Wale stepped out, a voice came on through the speaker, “please state your name for the record”.

At this point Wale was more scared than excited, even he thought he was drunk when he saw naked men and women without mask, at this point, it was aware of himself, he could see clearly and seeing the setting of the room got him a scared. Wale kept staring around the room to see if he could see anybody but he was the only person there, again the voice on the speaker said: “Please state your name for the record”.

“Joh….John Joe” he said. 

Tosin laughed as he said “werey change name” then they both laughed again before Wale said, “guy when I didn’t know who was asking, he fit be VC like that”. This time they both laughed hard. “How can it be the VC?” Tosin said. “Guy at that point, I wasn’t willing to take chances mehnWale said as he continued with his story.

The voice spoke again requesting Wale to stay his real name, Wale was reluctant but in the end, he said his real name and after that, the voice spoke again and it was the rules of the garden that was said. After reading out the rules, he then asked Wale if he agrees to the rule, Wale's reply was positive. After it has been established that Wale understood and agrees to the rule, then he was told to pick the pen, take the paper on the table and sign the one that says GOE NDA.

Wetin that one mean?”, Tosin asked. 

Garden of Eden None Disclosure Agreement” he replied. It was after he signed the paper that he was asked to take off his cloth and his mask before joining the party.

omo na wa, no wonder them put privacy,Tosin said, 

“Guy I dey tell you”, Wale replied. “The guy way dey give me the gist talk say most na him third time way him go come there be that”, he added.

“But wait what I don’t understand is, if they made you people sign NDA, then why would that guy be telling things about the place?” Tosin asked. 

“That was exactly what I thought, in fact, I thought maybe the guy was trying to test me, but it was later he told me that he is a journalist”. 

“A journalist?” Tosin asked with an amused tone. 

“Yeah, he said was doing some investigation” he replied before adding “but that one is not even the koko, the things that happened after I got back to the room; guy, I swear down e choke me

As Wale was having small chitchat with the journalist, some naked girls were ushered into the room. “Guy, if you see these girls, I just dey swallow spit meh, a*s, b**bs, figure 8, dem get everything, e be like na person designWale said.

Each girl had a number written on their forehead, and as they walked into the room, they went to lie down on the large center table in the room. As each girl was lying down, three naked girls who came in right after those girls were ushered in, begin to place fruits on their bodies.

“Remember that picture way we see for Twitter, way be say dem put watermelon for one girl privates?” Wale asked. 

“Yeah, I remember” Tosin replied. 

Na wetin them do these girls be that, but instead of pineapple it was apple,Wale said before adding, “Oh I no even remember, as I dey follow that journalist talk, one guy bin walk up to me come give me one ticket, with number 49


Next Episode drops on Monday

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