Monday 4 October 2021

Story: The 49th Girl (Episode Six)

The story is getting more interesting, if you are just reading, this is our latest story series titled The 49th Girl, you do a catch up  by reading Episode One, Episode TwoEpisode Three, Episode Four and Episode Five

This is the sixth episode below;

Everyone in the room had a ticket with a number on it; the ticket number is what is being used to match each of the guys with the girls and also the girls with the guys. “Wait, so you dey tell me say even the ladies in the room get their own numbers?Tosin said. 

Yes ooo, you see after the first 10, guys were done with the first 10 ladies, 5 naked guys too come enter but their own no be number, na alphabet, like A B CWale replied.

As the girls laid on the table with slice of apple place on their p**sy and their b*east, the anchor, who by the way, was the only one fully clothed in the room, called out the first 10 numbers and each number had a different task before they could f*ck the girls.

Like the first guy way dem call, he had to finger the girl till she c*mWale said. 

So wetin go come happen if the girl no c*m?Tosin asked. Wale replied with “dem go return the girl, the guy no go fit f*ck am”. 

“So wetin come be your own task” Tosin asked, “guy calm down, no rush the gistWale replied.

After they were done, then the 5 guys came in, the 5 guys were also laid on the table but instead of apple, it was chocolate that was poured on their p*nis and each lady whose letters match the ones written on the guy’s head, would have to lick off the chocolate before giving before sucking the guy’s p*nis after which she would say the kind of s*xual position she wants.

Shey you dey whine me ni?Tosin said.

“Guy I dey tell you fact, even me self shock, the girl talk say na her fantasy be thatWale replied. 

Which kind mumu fantasy be that?, make person f*ck your mouth till you c*mTosin replied. 

“Omo as weird as it sounds, na so dem f*ck the girl for mouth till she c*m and even when the guy release self, the girl be say make she release all over her face, she even licked some of the sp*rm self”. 

Abeg continue with your story, this one fit make me throw up,Tosin said

At first when she walked in, Wale doubted if the person he was seeing was truly her or maybe his eyes and the drinks in his system were just playing tricks on him but as she laid on the table he was so certain that the person he was seeing was her.

At this point, there were different thoughts going through his mind, what is she doing here? Is this her first time? Those that mean she has being pretending all along?

“Omo omo omo” that was all Tosin could say as Wale told him about the 49th girl.

Wale was even more shocked when his number was called and it was the number that matches with the girl. Wale was so much carried away in his thought when the anchor announced his number, it took a tap on the shoulder from the journalist to bring Wale's consciousness back to the room.

Wale's expression as he was walking towards the girl was more of shock rather than excitement. The way the girl was lying down, she couldn’t see Wale but there was Wale standing in front of her looking at her fully naked body with so many questions running through his mind.

Wait, wetin for don happen to say you walk away, say you no do again?” Tosin asked. 

“A million Naira fineWale replied and all Tosin could say after that was “Omo

The next episode drops tomorrow

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