Wednesday 6 October 2021

Story: The 49th Girl (Episode Eight)

Before you read this episode make sure you catch up on Episode One, Episode TwoEpisode Three, Episode Four. Episode FiveEpisode Six and Episode Seven
Below is episode eight; 

Seeing Wale putting his hand over her mouth and choking her throat, she was really scared because she wasn’t sure what Wale was going to do, was he going to kill her? But on a second thought she knew Wale couldn’t kill her, at least not in front of everybody but then again, this is the same Wale that wouldn’t kiss her unless she says so putting his handover her mouth and squeezing her neck.

For Wale, this was like a revenge mission; he had this quick thought in his mind when he heard the anchor say “…….seventy position in seven minutes”. He saw this as a perfect opportunity for him to try out every s*x position he had always wanted to try out with her, though he literally didn’t know more than 10 s*x positions, in his mind he was like “last last I go just form my own positions

Though putting his hand over her mouth and squeezing her neck was as a reflex to Yemisi raising her head and seeing him, he literally didn’t know what to expect or how to react and he had this feeling that she could call out his name and he didn’t want that, hence the mouth covering and neck squeezing.

But his next action was definitely as a reaction to the cheers from those in the room, as he covered her mouth and squeezed her neck, she immediately inserted his d*ck in her p*ssy and those in the room went wild as Yemisi m*aned out loud and that was like a motivation for him and the moment Yemisi also realize that this was all about the seventy position in seven minutes for Wale, she was less afraid and gave her body up for Wale.

“Omo mehn, damn” that was all Tosin could say as Wale kept narrating the story.

There was a point when they got to the 49th position, Wale pulled a chair and sat on it, then he drew Yemisi closer, put her on his laps before hanging one of her legs on his shoulder then putting her other leg on the floor, then he said “ride me”. Like a servant obeying her master, Yemisi began to ride him and there was this moment that they made this eye contact and Yemisi said “I love you”,

“She said what?” Tosin asked. 

Guy I dey tell you, the thing shock me”, Wale replied.

It wasn’t the love you statement that actually did shock Wale but the fact that as she said it, there was a little tear drop that rolled down her eyes and it was at that moment that Wale knew she was very much genuine about her love for him, he then pulled her closer and said “I’m all yours baby, use me as you wish”

Tosin couldn’t stop laughing, “guy, who the f*ck says such a thing?” he said as he was laughing. In Wale’s defense he was like “wetin make I talk?, shey me wey don run out of position, guy I no get one milla to pay” 

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